For the 2019-2020 school year, the Lambton Chapter of the PEO is pleased to partner with the City of Sarnia to host an engineering design challenge for high school students. The challenge will be centered around accessibility in the city with full challenge details being released at the kick-off in October.


Discover how engineering can improve the lives of Sarnia residents.

Challenge Format

  • The challenge is a real-world problem that the city is facing. The winning team may have their idea implemented by the city to be used for years to come. It’s your chance to have a real impact on your city.

  • Meetings will be held once per month from October (kick-off) to March (final presentation to the city).

  • At each meeting, there will be a presentation about the upcoming task or goal followed by individual time to ask questions of volunteers.

  • Volunteers will be available throughout the month to provide support, answer questions, or provide guidance as needed.

  • Open to all high school students in Lambton County.

  • Groups of 3 to 6.

Getting Involved

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Select your school. Note that not all team members need to attend the same school.
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  • Opportunity to work with local engineers, industry professionals, and city representatives on a real-world problem.

  • Gain experience with researching, presenting, budgeting, and designing on a complex problem outside of the classroom.

  • Network with local industry leaders and city representatives. “It’s not who you know; it’s who knows you.”

  • Cash prizes available to the top teams.


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Volunteers are needed to help facilitate the program and provide mentorship from October to March for the students. It is a great opportunity to get involved with the engineers of tomorrow and promote the career of engineering as well as your company. If you are interested please complete the following form.